Day 12: Northstar

Javier went to Squaw, Jimmy went to Northstar, and Andy stayed home to work and rest his knee. After reviewing the incoming storms, I opted for Northstar, and while Javier did report some good snow over there, the word on the slopes was that the lift lines on KT22 and Red Dog were about 45 mins to an hour, which doesn’t sound to pleasing. On the flip side Flatstar didn’t have lines at all, some decent snow (especially over on Lookout) and pretty low winds. I rode with two different groups of pros, holding my own for a while, but it definitely worked me. Things went a little south when I jumped off a wind lip, cleared a second one, and then promptly landed on a log resulting in a face plant and scorpion maneuver. The upshot was a loud pop from my lower back (and subsequent stiffness), and what seems to be a hyper-extended left knee. Luckily both can be easily fixed with ibuprofen and braces, which should get me back out there tomorrow.

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  1. Justin Silver says:

    It ended up being a sprained ACL, but I rode on it all winter before I found out it wasn’t my PCL. Who knew the ACL was behind your kneecap?

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