About Me

Justin Silver

I provide expertise in the design, architecture, and implementation of software applications. My experience ranges from small custom apps to large corporate enterprise systems, with an emphasis on web application development and systems integration projects.

Proficient in multiple programming languages, web technologies, and cloud services – and always eager to learn more – I have the skill set to work on projects across technology stacks and industries. I believe in working both smarter as well as harder to excel in my work.

Technologies: Apex/Force.com, JavaScript, Linux, Node.js, PHP, python, regex, shell, SQL

Specialties: Agile Development, Application Development, Enterprise Architecture, Multithreaded Applications, Object Oriented Design, Service Oriented Architecture, Systems Integration, Web Services


Principal, DoubleSharp Consulting

2005 – Present

The founder of DoubleSharp Consulting, I deliver technical expertise for clients in a range of industries. Specialized in web application design and development, service oriented architecture, systems integration, and business consulting.

Founder/President, Secret Party

2016 – Present

Secret Party builds the most powerful and flexible tools for events. Whether you’re hosting afamily gathering, an evening of dance, or an intentional ritual, Secret Party’s meticulously-designed party management console helps you deliver unforgettable experiences. Use our platform to create beautiful event pages that delight your guests and keep them coming back.

IT Consultant, Blockchain Foundry, Inc.

Jan 2018 – Sep 2018

Blockchain Foundry’s mission is to disrupt markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Developer of Blockmarket, the world’s first decentralized blockchain based marketplace. Maintainer of the Syscoin digital cryptocurrency.

Technologies: Blockchain, C++, Node.js, Angular, AWS, EC2, Lambda/Serverless

IT Consultant, Figur8 Cloud Solutions

2017 – 2018

Salesforce and Force.com platform consulting and professional services for midsize to enterprise businesses.

Technologies: Apex/VisualForce/Force.com, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

IT Consultant, Palo Alto Networks

2015 – 2016

Salesforce development with Apex and Visualforce.

CTO, RovAir

2012 – 2016

On demand mobile broadband and mobile hotspot rentals.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Memcached, Nginx, CentOS, BYOD

IT Consultant, Figur8 Cloud Solutions

2014 – 2015

Salesforce and Force.com platform consulting and professional services for midsize to enterprise businesses.

Technologies: Apex/VisualForce/Force.com, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

Enterprise Architect, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah

2014 – 2014

Consulting Enterprise Architect providing design and implementation of AAA’s cloud based enterprise infrastructure.

IT Consultant, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah

2013 – 2014

Custom application development and integration to support the AAA Auto Club’s business processes allowing them to efficiently manage and service their members.

Technologies: Salesforce.com, Apex, Dell Boomi, JavaScript, Groovy, Aria, Retalix, Atlassian JIRA & Confluence, python, ANT, SOAP, JSON, XML

IT Consultant, FireEye

2013 – 2013

Custom single sign-on solution for Salesforce and Confluence.

Technologies: Salesforce.com, Apex, JavaScript, Atlassian Confluence

IT Consultant, Palo Alto Networks

2012 – 2012

Assisted with marketing campaign tracking and integration of Eloqua and Salesforce.com.

Technologies: JavaScript, Eloqua, Salesforce.com

IT Consultant, Scientific Learning

2009 – 2012

Internal application development and integration services for the company’s education product and supporting business applications. Centralized and streamlined data integration processes allowing for real-time synchronization of information between systems.

Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL, Dell Boomi, Salesforce.com/Apex, Web Services

IT Consultant, Cloudwords, Inc.

2010 – 2010

Worked on a team architecting the original version of Cloudwords.com, a SaaS based translation workbench written in Java.

Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Spring MVC, Mercurial/Hg

Chief Technical Officer, WAN Alliance

2009 – 2010

Provided the West African sub-region with IT products and services via offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

IT Consultant, Trapeze Networks

2009 – 2009

Led a team of engineers in the development and integration of a custom product configuration and quoting engine.

Technologies: Java, Struts, Tomcat, Salesforce.com/Apex, JavaScript

IT Consultant, Riverbed Technology

2007 – 2009

Provided IT consulting and Java development for the Riverbed customer support site. During my time here I managed the development of build and deployment scripts and procedures, source code management with Subversion, integration with software such as Salesforce.com (SFA & PRM), Oracle, and business applications.

Technologies: AJAX, Apache, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Oracle, SOAP, Salesforce.com/Apex, Struts2, Subversion, Tomcat

Consultant / Web Developer, Investools

2006 – 2008

At Prophet.net, an Investools, Inc. company, I served as a senior java web developer. My primary focus was the Investor Toolbox website providing technical analysis and charting functionality to 100,000+ customers.

Technologies: Java, Struts 1.x, Resin Application Server, XML, HTML, AJAX, Eclipse, CVS

Consultant, EVMS Future State, Bell Helicopter

2005 – 2006

As the architecture lead I gave direction to a team of developers working to ensure that Bell’s project management methodologies were certified using the DOD earned value management system (EVMS). My team developed applications and interfaces to process engineering, labor, M/E tooling, materials and manufacturing data from legacy systems using the Primavera Project Management 5.0 Java API and an Oracle 9i database. Migrated legacy Project Management 3.5.1 data to 5.0 complying with EVMS standards.

Technologies: Java, Oracle, Primavera Project Management, Multithreaded data processing

Programmer Analyst III, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

2004 – 2005

As the technical lead I worked closely with developers, users, and management to help see projects to a successful completion. I architected project plans with a focus on time to completion and addressing several issues with a single development effort. Spearheaded the move to a corporate standard of Java/J2EE development on IBM Websphere 6, Struts, iBatis, JMS/MQ, Oracle 9i and the Apache Commons libraries to formulate a cohesive development environment.

Technologies: Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Microsoft Active Directory, Remedy, Lawson ERP, Niku Clarity, Kronos, MySql, Oracle, Tomcat, Websphere

Senior Web Developer, Lawrence Research Group, Inc.

2002 – 2004

At LRG I maintained and updated the company websites, programmed principally in ASP using Microsoft Commerce Server 2000/IIS6 and Verisign Payflow Pro as well as systems and network administration.

Technologies: ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, JavaScript, Exchange Server, Lyris List Manager, Cobalt Raq3

Webmaster, Prophet.net

2000 – 2002

At Prophet I led the programming of http://www.prophetfinance.com using ASP and HTML to form a cohesive online service. Forbes and Barron’s awarded the site “Best Technical Analysis” and “Best Charting” awards respectively. The site was then migrated to pure Java ensuring compliance with all financial exchanges. This new website, http://www.prophet.net, was also the winner of many awards.

Technologies: SQL Server, DB2, ASP, Java, JavaScript, JSP

Web Developer, PMG.net, Inc.

1999 – 2000

As a developer I worked on websites and applications written in several languages ranging from ColdFusion and ASP to Perl and Server Side JavaScript running in a mixed Microsoft NT 4.0 / Linux environment. Our clients included Bellsouth, Choicepoint, the Harvard University Art Museum, Mitsubishi Wireless, WB36!, and several municipalities.

Technologies: ColdFusion, ASP, Perl, bash, Server Side JavaScript, Linux, Windows NT, HTML, JavaScript

Web Developer / Network Admin / Tier I & II Support, Multisoft, Inc.

1998 – 1999

My responsibilities included technical support management, network administration, and development of e-commerce and ISP Tools, primarily with Perl and XML.

Technologies: HEAT Call Manager, Perl, XML, Oracle

Skills & Expertise

Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Web Applications, Web Services, Cloud Computing, Integration, Java, JavaScript, Apache, Tomcat, AJAX, PHP, Python, Apex, SQL, HTML, XML, MySQL, Linux, Subversion, SaaS, Eclipse, Bash, Requirements Analysis, Salesforce.com, Force.com, Object Oriented Design, CSS, Git, Oracle, HTML 5, Nginx, SOA, Architecture, MavensMate, Sublime Text, Github, Jenkins, Trac, Confluence, JIRA, WordPress, Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, Visualforce Pages, jQuery


From working with Justin at prophet.net, I gained an appreciation for software developers who are fast, efficient and make few mistakes. As the manager of the QA team and primary business analyst on the project, I could rely on Justin to finish projects on time with few if any errors, which allowed my team to complete their work on time. In short, Justin makes everyone around him look good as well as making their jobs easier, whether they hired him or work with him laterally across an organization.
Justin is one of the best developers I have had the pleasure to work with. His in-depth knowledge of web technologies and programming as well as network architecture is outstanding. Justin is always highly motivated to produce quality results and he continuously delivers results that exceed expectations. Within just a few months at Riverbed, Justin quickly became the go-to person to design the best solutions and find answers to complex problems. Additionally, Justin’s ability to interact with all levels in the company ensures the success of his projects.
Since I was limited to three choices, I feel that without mentioning his other attributes, I was not accurately reflecting my reasons for recommending him: he is personable, creative, and exceptional in every way; in short – would always be my first choice for any IT project.
Working with Justin was awesome as he streamlined many processes for me creating custom applications that allowed me to do my job with increased efficiency. Worked with him closely in redesigning the company website as well as boutique sites. There is nothing this guy can’t do.
Justin is hands-down one of the best and brightest software developers I have ever met. If he says he can get something done, it’ll get done. He’s also extremely creative and ideas spin out of him at a million miles a minute. My only regret with Justin is that we’ve never gotten to work on one of our ideas together. Maybe someday. If you’re thinking about hiring him but are not sure, all I can say if that you’d be making a huge mistake if you didn’t. Oh, and he’s also a rockin’ cool awesome dude.
Justin is an outstanding IT resource. He has extensive web application knowledge combined with the rare gift of being able to temper that knowledge relative to the task and team at hand; always favoring clean, professional and eloquent designs that best serve the business (and not the technology). Having worked in the IT industry for over 16 years I can’t recommend his skills and integrity highly enough.
As a manager Justin can relate to anyone in the organization from power hungry V.P.s to rookie developers. He has the ability to liaise between different entities and leave everyone feeling confident and motivated. He can dig out those hard to gather requirements from project stake holders and pass them along clearly to devs.
As a developer Justin has an almost spooky ability to rapidly trouble shoot problems that arise no matter where the cause is, be it data, infrastructure, or architecture.
Justin has been a highly valued asset on any project he and I have worked on together.
I had the opportunity to work with Justin when he was a Programmer Analyst III at Williams-Sonoma. When I sent issues to him, he was able to resolve them quickly and with little information even if he had not worked on the area or application before. He also continuously looked into new ways to make processes more efficient. He is extremely bright and tackles projects and issues with a “can do” attitude.
Justin functioned as my Tech Lead on all of my projects at WSI. He is incredibly thorough and extremely well organized. Justin followed up on everything without my prodding. He has an inherent curiosity, which serves him extremely well in overcoming technical challenges. I was always able to send Justin into waters that he had not charted before, and have him not only accept the challenge, but return with a practical understanding. His mind and efforts contributed more to the technical success of my many projects, than any other single technician. Justin is always a welcomed addition to my organization.