Day at the Beach

In 2003 Patrick and I decided to go on vacation to Hawaii, so instead of a jaunt to Burning Man, we were off ot the honeymooner’s paradise of Kauai. We didn’t realize it was a) such a small place and b) a place with not a whole lot going on. We were given tickets to the county fair by Terri’s friend Becky’s husband, who worked for the fire department. It was exactly what you would expect from a county fair, and was literally the hottest thing on the island.

We explored pretty much the whole island, Waimea Canyon, the beaches, and the Napoli coastline on the north, where this picture was taken. There was an adventure race in progress on the trail we were hiking, and being who we are, Patrick and I took off to compete (unofficially of course), though we only had a small water bottle between us and nearly died. After some time, we gave up and decided to take a swim, but the waves come up a lot faster than you would think. The wave you see is as close as it appears, and promptly smacked Patrick down into the rather formidable bottom.

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