Inserting & Triggering Custom Events In jQuery Functions

I recently had the need to detect when new elements were appended to the DOM, however by default in jQuery there is no “append” event. This meant that the code I wanted to write, was invalid.

(function($) {
	$(document).on('append', function(){
		// handle the "append" event using the elements from the arguments

The solution I ended up using involved caching the existing jQuery.append() to jQuery._append() and then overriding jQuery.append() to call the cached function internally, followed by the triggering of my new “append” event.

(function($) {
	// store a copy of the append() function as _append()
	$.fn._append = $.fn.append;

	// overwrite the existing append()
	$.fn.append = function () {
		return $.fn
			// apply the cached (function)ality using _append()
			._append.apply(this, arguments)
			// trigger our custom "append" event to fire handlers.
			.trigger("append", [arguments]);

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