Syscoin Masternode Hot Wallet to Syscoin-Qt

Oh no! If you set up your Syscoin masternode with a hot wallet (by importing a private key for your collateral transaction) then you have put your syscoins at great risk! A flaw in an of the software running on your server could allow a hacker to break in to your system and transfer out the funds associated with your collateral transactions. What to do?

You can correct this problem in a few steps. Make sure to create backups of any wallet.dat files (especially the one on the server).

# if you installed with the automated script
syscoin-cli dumpprivkey YOUR_COLLATERAL_ADDRESS
# if you did NOT install with the automated script
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli dumpprivkey YOUR_COLLATERAL_ADDRESS

Now in Syscoin-Qt open the console and enter importprivkey YOUR_COLLATERAL_PRIVATE_KEY. If you haven’t already done so go to Settings/Preferences and enable Masternodes on the Wallet tab. You will need to restart Qt. Now select Tools > Masternode configuration (you may need to navigate to this file manually on a Mac at ~/Library/Application Support/SyscoinCore/masternode.conf. This should look exactly like the masternode.conf file on your server – either copy the contents from there or recreate if you backup copy (you should!).

Next go back to your server and and run the automated install bash script – Masternode Configuration for more info – or run it directly with bash <(curl -sL Follow the prompts to setup up your node under a different user.

# stop syscoind
syscoin-cli stop && killall syscoind
# remove cron jobs
crontab -r
# run automated install
bash <(curl -sL

Once you have run this install wait approximately 30 minutes to make sure your node remains active. If everything worked you will now want to remove the .syscoincore folder for your user to make sure you private keys aren't easily accessible. After you have verified that the node is active (and you have backups!) delete the folder by entering rm -rf ~/.syscoincore

All done!

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